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Innovative construction with a distinctive design:
Representation of the digital worldview

G-SHOCK has released the latest shock-resistant watches — two GA-B001 and two GA-B001G models featuring an all-new integrated bezel and band construction.

With the GA-B001 and GA-B001G, Casio brings ingenuity to the exterior structure to achieve an integrated bezel and band construction in a shock-resistant watch. These are the first G-SHOCK watches to feature this innovative structure, which comprises two separate components that connect at the 9 and 3 o'clock positions. The molded construction follows the lines of the wrist, minimizing the space between the wrist and watch for an enhanced fit.

The design of these new watches evokes a gateway to virtual reality worlds. Featuring a geometric dial design and round index marks, these timepieces are a study in near-future design.

When it comes to color, the GA-B001 models feature the black G-SHOCK brand color and a new shade of red, and the GA-B001G models employ gradated color print on translucent materials for the bezel and band.

These watches are all equipped with Mobile Link features for pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth®. When used with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES app, the watch automatically adjusts to the correct time. In addition, the App information function sends notifications on the watch when the app receives updates on new products and other information.

A new approach to construction employs four fine-resin materials to secure the integrated bezel and band components. An enhanced fit on the wrist is achieved by moving the band’s curved support points up close to the case. In addition, attaching the glass with adhesive keeps the lug portion more compact. This design gives the bezel and band of the watch a more sharply defined profile. Also, the two-tone light button at the 2 o’clock position (on the GA-B001G-1A and GA-B001G-2A) shows the watch’s meticulous passion for detail with its iconic moulded design.

The entire dial is constructed with innovative moulding, featuring a geometric inset dial evoking a security lock from the not-too-distant future, a round index with a rivet motif inspired by a corridor on a spacecraft, and a uniquely shaped LCD with a digital display. With its brilliantly distinctive design, the watch captures the spirit of a gateway leading into a virtual reality world.

The GA-B001G-1A and GA-B001G-2A models feature gradated translucent materials that call to mind virtual reality worlds. Their construction makes the inner case visible through inorganic-feeling colours. The GA-B001-4A sports a brand new shade of red. Oversaturated and high-impact, the hue expresses the “near-future” vibe of a virtual reality world. The GA-B001-1A features a uniform colour scheme with black all around.