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Casio Lover's Collection
Casio Lover's Collection
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Telegraph your love to that someone special — a matching set of watches with a coded message of affection.

This unique take on the classic oversized GA-110 and its smaller mate, BA-110, starts with a pure white base. The Morse code design on the G-SHOCK band spells out Love is, while the design on the BABY-G band spells out Gravity. Place the two side by side to complete the message: a special communiqué for just the two of you that speaks to the powerful invisible forces between two people in love. 

The case back is engraved with 2022 and an image of an angel and devil, symbolizing the attraction of opposites.

Packaged in a special two-watch box in white, these timepieces make an unforgettable gift.


Celebrate your timeless love with limited edition matching G-SHOCK and BABY-G watches inspired by the mathematical formula for love. The G Presents Lover's Collection marks its 25th anniversary with an extra-special pair of holiday timepieces.

What better symbol of romance than a one-of-a-kind design featuring the equation, x²-|x|y+y²=25, which, when plotted out, creates a heart-shaped graph symbolizing everlasting love? This unique take on the ever-popular square-faced DW-5600 and BGD-560 feature watchbands in a matte white graph paper design filled with math formulas. These equations hide a romantic secret that just you and your special someone share — align the bands to bring the two halves together to complete a single heart.

A small heart accents the face to mark the light button. Press the button to reveal a backlit silhouette of a heart. The case back is engraved with the year 2021, as well as with an angel and devil, because we know how opposites attract.

Packaged in a special two-watch box in white, these timepieces make an unforgettable gift.

* Available only in two matched watch sets. This set consists of the G-SHOCK and BABY-G.


Double your summer fun with limited edition G-SHOCK/BABY-G paired sets inspired by sun-kissed ocean waters.

Do you and your special someone love to relax and play on the beach? Or are the two of you more the type to snorkel or dive among the coral reefs? Whatever your pleasure, our summer sets satisfy.

Chill on the beach and then romp together in the ocean waves in our blue design featuring square face and digital display. The SLV-21B-2 pair features a wave and heart pattern on the band and case back. Press the light button on these watches to see your matching heart pattern appear on the display.

Specially designed packaging made of shimmery light blue paper adds the final touch to these sun-kissed ocean treasures.

* Available only in two matched watch sets. This set consists of the G-SHOCK and BABY-G.


Dip into the sweetness of summer with a limited edition pair of honey-inspired timepieces — a naturally sweet treasure that never spoils to perfectly symbolize eternal love.

The DW-5600 and BGD-565 pair features the ever-popular angular face design in a color scheme of yellow against a brown base to evoke honey dripping over the rim of the classic honey pot. Press the light button to see a yellow silhouette of thick, sweet honey appear on the display. The case back is engraved with a honeycomb pattern, accented with a charming honeybee.

Packaged as a double box set, these special, romantic timepieces are a sweet summer celebration for you and your Honey.


Take a nostalgic walk through the Casio Lover’s Collection with a pair of retro designs inspired by the first matching G-SHOCK watches ever, back in 1996. 

The G-SHOCK GM-5600 and its compact mate, the GM-S5600, feature a luxe metal bezel paired with a white band and touches of navy blue. We bring back the cloth band texture from the original pair in glass printing on the watch faces for a simple, streamlined design ready to accompany you wherever your love takes you. 

The perfectly romantic holiday gift for that very special someone. 


Indulge your passionate side. Stargaze with that special someone wearing your matching set of timepieces inspired by Mars and Venus.

These watches set up a romantic pairing that is out of this world, inspired by the beautiful Venus and the heroic Mars. The G-STEEL bezel comes in reddish copper to evoke the hue of Mars, while the G-MS gracefully boasts case, hands, and other details in gold against a dark brown band, conjuring the shimmering image of Venus in the night sky.

Both pair with a smartphone via Bluetooth®. The dedicated app coordinates with Internet timeservers to keep you and your loved one on time and in sync, wherever you are in the world.


Casio Special Pair Collection

- G-Shock GA-140GB-1A1
- Baby-G BA-130-1A3


Casio Special Pair Collection

- G-Shock Gent GM-5600-1
- G-Shock Lady GM-S5600-1