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These new models pack popular G-SHOCK GA-110 Series designs into the compact Baby-G form for striking visual impact in petite designs suited to the feminine wrist.
Multi-dimensional layered faces are decorated with exciting metallic colors that make these watches as much gorgeous accessories as they are timepieces.
The BA-110 is an adult cool design made possible by basic white coloring and the use of metallic color for the hour markers.
All of these timepieces are designed and engineered to look great anytime they are worn.


Introduction a selection of new color for the popular BA-110 Series, produced by 3D printing of a denim textile pattern onto the case and band. Denim color coordinates well with a wide range of adult female fashions. The face of this model is layered for a multi-dimensional look.


This leopard pattern additions to the popular BABY-G BA-110 Series lineup. Both the case and band are imprinted with a leopard pattern. A choice of three colors includes standard brown and white, along with a shocking pink variation. A multi-dimensional face, metallic hour markers, color-accented hands, and other touches create designs that look great just about anywhere and anytime.


A collaboration model featuring "Pikachu," the beloved character from the "Pokémon" series.  
This second-generation collaboration model has an "outdoors" theme. Based on the popular BA-110, the camouflage pattern is realized using a silhouette of Pikachu.  
The body is a pink beige color that creates a soft impression. The band depicts a female Pikachu with a heart-shaped tail. The hour and minute hands on the watch look like Pikachu's face, which makes checking the time fun.  
There's also a heart-shaped tail design on the band keeper, and Pikachu is engraved on the back cover. The package also has a special, Poke Ball design motif.  
A special collaboration BABY-G model featuring Pikachu, a character adored by people around the world.


Indulge your fancy with BABY-G watches that offer a swirl of color in a trendy mannish design.
Polarized colors dance and float as the viewing angle changes. Indexes and dial components are treated in a polarized finish, with buttons and lettering in pastel pinks, purples, and blues. These creative color schemes soften the fashionable oversized cases and chunky bands for a design that is charming and whimsical.
Your choice of black band with dial in shades of pink, or white and translucent models with case and band finished in polarized coating for the crystalline glow of the Aurora Borealis.